Room Inspiration

Whether you're looking to change a room layout or wanting to update your colour scheme, this is the place for you to find inspiration to do so.

Beautiful fireplace Studio Lea Home


Layering cushions and blankets will add texture and depth to a room. A large coffee table in the centre of the room creates a focal point and minimises wasted space.

Beautiful Breakfast bar Studio Lea Home

Breakfast Bar

Create an area with a connection to your garden, this will lift your mood even on the darkest of days.

Restored Edwardian Stairs Studio Lea Home



Be creative by painting your staircase in contrasting colours. Make sure you lightly sand down and prime the wood to give you a good base for your wood paint.

Beautiful Dining Room Studio Lea Home

dining area

Don't be afraid to mix interior styles together. We've combined English and French country cottage styles together.

Cosy Reading Corner By Studio Lea Home

Cosy corner

Soft furnishings, fairy lights and candles add a cosy feel. Add some decrete lighting to a dresser to create a subdued mood.

Beautiful Downstairs WC Studio Lea

Modern country cloakroom

Otherwise known as a downstairs WC! You can make a small space feel really homely by adding a patterned wallpaper.

Childrens Bedroom Decor by Studio Lea home

Childrens Decor

Wall stickers are a great alternative to wallpaper, they can easily be updated as your child grows with age.

Beautiful Kitchen Studio Lea Home

Inspiration for your